Can:Do 4Kids

Can:Do 4Kids Townsend House makes a difference in the lives of more than 1,500 children who are deaf, blind or sensory impaired.

Can:Do 4Kids provides a safe place where young people can learn through play and fun, and families find support.

It is estimated that up to 10,000 South Australian kids face every day with a vision, hearing or sensory impairment. As South Australia's only children's specialist in both vision and hearing, Can:Do 4Kids has been preparing young people for life for 140 years and its expert knowledge is proving invaluable in assisting to make the most of their abilities.

South Australia - Can:Do 4Kids Adventure Team

Mark Falconer

This is Mark Falconer a Publican in Adelaide and another member of our SA Adventure Team supporting #CanDo4Kids. Mark is looking forward to a unique experience ..."one money can't buy, with a group of likeminded team members who care about their community and the children within it." Great stuff Mark and good luck.

Amy Roe

Meet Amy Roe an ambassador for #candoforkids. Amy is enjoying New Zealand and claims she hasn't been "too scared yet". Let's check in with her later with a big day of adventure planned that might just test her!

Glen Lomman

Like all our team members Glen loves a thrill so river boarding through the grade 3 rapids was perfect for that. "It was pretty intense but loads of fun - pushing myself beyond my fears and meeting so many awesome people along the fundraising journey has literally been a life changing adventure I will be forever grateful for". Well done Glen!

Natasha Park

Tash is a real thrill seeker and loved being on the water in New Zealand. The only custom built 4-seater Jet Sprint boat in the world was her favourite challenge. Accelerating at an incredible 0 to 100km in only 2.5 seconds Tash was literally flying on water. "Life Changing Adventures was challenging at times, but exciting". Well done!

Cale Porter

Meet Cale Porter a Radio Announcer at Nova 919 and a member of our SA Adventure Team supporting #CanDo4Kids. "I am so excited about this week in New Zealand, having an adventure overseas with a great team and the added benefit of raising funds for a great cause." Thanks Cale and good luck!

Amanda Stewart

This is Amanda who says Life Changing Adventures was an incredible experience. Amanda lived in the moment and embraced all the adventures and experiences. In the Tiger Moth not only did she do the loop but also a spin. Amanda was scared but just thought of the kids she'd been raising money for not having a choice. Thanks Amanda!

Jessica Aimee

This is Jess, the youngest of our team who says Life Changing Adventures was one of the best experiences of her life. Jess, along with the rest of the team tackled Grade 3 rapids in freezing water on their adventure,. "The first rapid I went through certainly frightened me but once I had completed all 3 rapids I felt like I could take on anything". You can Jess!

Grant Nelson

This is Grant who not only loved taking photos of the beautiful scenery in New Zealand but also his flight in the WW2 tiger moth. "The scenery was stunning and very relaxing while the loop in the sky was thrilling". Of his time with Life Changing Adventures Grant says, "It's an opportunity to make a difference to other people's lives and in the meantime change your own for the better". Well said!

Naomi Schell

Meet Lawyer Naomi Schell, first cab off the rank with Amy on the Nevis Swing..."It's hands down the most terrifying thing I've ever done". Naomi needed to remind herself of why she was on the adventure..."We've got a choice to challenge ourselves but the children we are raising money for at #CanDo4Kids don't". Well done!