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Supporting - World Youth International

World Youth International

"To educate, empower and inspire today's youth to create positive change within the global community through the legacy of Robert Hoey."


World Youth International's charity description.

To improve the health and well being of vulnerable men women and children within global communities, particularly the Odede community in Kenya

Money raised via the Life Changing Adventures TV series will be used to fund:

1. Continued expansion and funding of the Odede hospital and training facility where Australian nurses gain highly valuable practical hands on experience.

2. Increase the skill levels of Australian Nurses and Kenyan Nurses.

World Youth International's Mission

World Youth International is committed to:

* Creating innovative and exciting opportunities for people to live life passionately and contribute to the global community.

* Strengthening and enhancing the quality of life for the people living in under privileged communities by introducing sustainable development projects.

Victorian Adventure Team Supporting – World Youth International

Linsie Davies

A Melbourne-based Occupational Therapist, Linsie Davies, has been involved with World Youth International for more than five years.
Linsie was part of a volunteer team that travelled to Nepal to build a water tank for the small village of Punchkal in 2010, falling in love with rural village life. She also ran environmental awareness education sessions with local Nepali children.

In 2013 Linsie led two separate teams of volunteer health professionals in Kenya, helping to open Mama Ann's Community Health Centre in the western Kenya township of Odede. For three months she lived and worked in the community, and was inspired by the resilience of the Kenyan people and their way or life.
Linsie is passionate about the health and wellbeing of herself and others, and enjoys cycling, yoga, swimming and playing netball.

She is honoured to be part of the WYI team for Life Changing Adventures, and looks forward to raising much-needed funds for such a worthwhile project that she feels so passionate about.

Nick Serafim

Nick Serafim was born in Greece and moved to Australia in 1980. He grew up in Melbourne with his family and completed his education at RMIT, graduating with a Bachelor of Business. Nick has been working in the Information and Communication Telecommunications (ICT) services industry for the past 20 years.
Nick has travelled extensively over the years and loves experiencing new places, trying different food and wine, meeting new people and immersing himself in the local culture. He has always enjoyed outdoor activities and particularly loves the beach.

Nick is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives, his aim is to work with organisations which are working globally for underprivileged communities.
Over the years, Nick has been involved with various volunteer initiatives such as Sacred Heart Mission and Ceres Community Environment Park and strives to continue with these.

"I'm really excited to be a part of the Life Changing Adventures program. It's been a life goal to be directly involved in such a unique opportunity to raise much needed funds for a cause like the Mama Ann's Odede Health Centre in Kenya. I am looking forward to a journey of self-discovery, filled with adventures and challenges!!!!" - Nick

Bronwyn Angus

Bronwyn applied to be a participant in Life Changing Adventures because she is an avid and curious adventurer and an advocate for World Youth International (WYI). Bronwyn works in the legal sector and is currently studying a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. She loves the outdoors, laughing, running, dancing, hiking, swimming, travel, learning and surprises!

Raising in excess of $15,000 is a challenging task! I am inspired by the knowledge that all funds I raise will go directly to the Mama Odede Community Health Centre, which provides health care to one of the poorest communities in Kenya. Being connected to WYI reminds me of the importance of dedicating a portion of my life to reducing global poverty and helping those most in need! I also love that WYI presents young people, who live in an increasingly complex society, with a unique opportunity to develop initiative, wisdom and perspective through altruistic experience.

And the televised adventure at the end? It’s a bit daunting that I have blindly volunteered to travel to an unknown destination to partake in extreme activities while being filmed... But, if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone once in a while, you’re simply not getting the most out of life!

Max Leon

With a rich and exotic cultural background and an uncanny dexterity for music Max Leon is the epitome of raw talent and abounding emotion. Her ability to command an audience has won her fans and followers on an international scale. In 2010, the 25-year-old smashed her way through the all stages of The X Factor Australia competition, taking a coveted spot in Ronan Keating's Top 6.
Since then Max has travelled Australia and the world with her music.

Max is also a qualified Architect and has partaken in many fund raising ventures, using her abilities as a singer to raise awareness and funds for various organisations. She plans to use her creativity as both a singer and an Architect to raise funds and become an integral part of Team Victoria for WYI.

"I'm really really excited and honored to be chosen to be a part of the Victorian Team and represent our state in the Life Changing Adventures TV show supporting WYI!  The next 8 months are going to be an amazing journey and adventure to collect much needed funds for an amazing cause. Bring on the challenge!!" - Max.

Natashia Iacovelli

Tash has worked in the fitness industry for almost two decades and still loves it. She is also the founder of ‘SoulSista’ an online global support community for women with its own line of women’s clothing, jewelry and events. Tash’s business has given her the opportunity to travel and meet people across the world and it continues to inspire her to do more and give more.

Tash likes to help out and definitely enjoys a challenge both physically and professionally. She is excited to be able to raise awareness and funds for WYI across the global fitness community.

“I am surrounded by some pretty awesome people and us fitness folks are high energy, with a dash of crazy plus we can be caring and generous too. So I am definitely calling on all my fitness brothers and sisters to support World Youth International to help me reach me goal of $15,000 by November 1st and I have no doubt together we can get this done.” – Tash

Tash will be conducting Spinning® rides at various indoor cycling studios over the next six months in Australia, the US, Jamaica, South America and Asia.

Nick Gordon

Nick is a local Melbournian man with a young family, a wife and two children aged 20 months and 7 months. Nick loves to travel with the family and also loves the outdoors including playing sport and camping.

Nick is motivated to be a part of Life Changing Adventures because he really wants to give back to the community. He and his wife travelled to Africa for their honeymoon and saw first hand how important it is to support communities in need.

Nick is inspired to support WYI’s work in Kenya though the Mama Ann’s Odede Community Health Center and is committed raising much needed funds and creating awareness of their situation.

Mo Allouche

Mo is a Melbourne man, one of eleven children and a die-hard Carlton fan, still playing his favourite game at the age of 38. Mo loves spending time with his family and friends, has an enormous amount of energy and a bubbly personality to go with it! Keeping fit is his biggest passion, he loves sport and loves to travel any chance he gets.

Mo lives on the beach in St Kilda and has owned and operated a prestige car dealership in South Melbourne for the last four years. He is a daredevil at heart, loves the outdoors and adventure activities and is keen to take anything the Life Changing Adventures team can throw at him in November!

Mo is very proud to be representing the Victorian WYI team, he has a large network of family and friends that will be helping him reach his goal to raise $15000 by the end of October. No matter what it takes Mo is focused to achieve his goal.

Rob Weston

Self-described as a recovering scientist, Rob is currently working within the financial services sector.  He has been involved with WYI since 2008 when he accompanied a group of volunteers to Kenya, and has subsequently led volunteer programs in Peru and Cambodia.  Inspired by the experiences in Kenya and with the WYI community Rob has just completed a Masters in Business administration that he intends to utilise to make positive change in communities both locally and internationally.

Rob is passionate about mental health, physical wellbeing and meeting people from all backgrounds. In the little spare time that he has Rob can be found studying, playing sport or spending time with family and friends. He believes that life is about seizing opportunities in order to challenge ones beliefs, grow as an individual and by taking risks hopes he can inspire others to do the same. Rob is excited about the fundraising challenge that Life Changing Adventures provides and the opportunity to directly support the Mama Ann’s Community Health Centre in Odede.

“Having seen firsthand the opportunities that WYI provides young Australians and global communities, I can’t wait to take on the Life Changing Adventures challenges, knowing that I’ll be helping one of the poorest communities in Kenya.” - Rob